About us
San Nyo Nyo Myint is a private service company specialized in the developing and servicing of Nursing Industry since 2003. Training service such as skillful nurse aids, consultation service to the people who want to be the professional pharmacists, developing and exploring their pharmacology business related activities, clinics, medical store, trading services such as traditional and foreign medicines sales, services and distribution, in addition, wed distribute rehabilitation devices and equipment. Main objective is to build up the youth based entrepreneurships business and services, to pass the general medical knowledge in people of Myanmar in order to take care of public health systematically and to get the job opportunities for the youth in this industry.
In 2010, Myanmar is staring to line up in the international row by significantly changing in politics, we, San Nyo Nyo Myint started to expend our services and business areas such as Consultation role in various agency services, Medical sales and services, and Electronics equipment sales, importing, installation, maintenance services, Building construction and Home decoration material and equipment sales, SNNM unique service and goods must be of such quality that our customers consider them to be reliable, functional, affordable prices thus fulfilling the promises in the SNNM sales and bid material and with the result that our customers associate the SNNM and with quality.
The long-term goal of the SNNM group is to carry through a growth strategy based on unique service sectors and development of sustainable health care environment in Myanmar and Myanmar people as well. We, San Nyo Nyo Myint services Co.,Ltd established in 2011 (Lic No.2767/2011-2012) and we would like to introduce our new product (TOGETHER MATTRESS – FIBRE STAR FROM MALAYSI ) with great price and quality to you.
Fibre Star is our brand of well established brand for 100% natural coconut fibre mattress with high quality fibre and tested by Dr.Petry (Orthopaedics Surgeon from Germany), Our fundamental factors in producing quality and comfortable mattresses exclusively for you to experience a better night’s sleep you much deserved. Only specially selected high quality fibre, non-toxic, Anti-Static, Thermic technology and bacteria free material which had undergone stringent test and conform to specification are engaged in the production. Our product is one of the best products available in the market today and it is famous product in many overseas country and market. SOLt is also our own product one stop soluting and specialized in wireless call system is doing our best to provide customers with high quality product and satisfaction based on ISO 9001 quality management system. We always on research and development of wireless solution. So to cater for various business such as hospital, hotel Restaurant, Bar, KTV in all aspect.
We distributed Virus Keeper Korea Brand that use your air conditioner as an air purifier for all seasons. Visus Keeper protect from fine dust, carcinogenic hazardous gases, ozone, deleterious bacteria (eliminate 99.9%), and contagious viruses. It is easy to know when to replace when the Virus Keeper logo is invisible, it indicates the time to replace. So We distributed this brand for health in Myanmar.
Commax is our Korea brand. We distributed and Service Commax Wiring Nurse Call that provides a "One-Stop" communication solution for an intelligent hospital system, and Commax Smart Door Lock that is an Access control System with proven safety, usability and leading design for your home security.
We would like to provide with our product to you at suitable price. We humbly request you to try this item in your hospital, hotel, Restaurant, Bar, KTV and we assure you that you would in a great pleasure with the results. Our sales men would be ready to keep in touch with you to descrive you more about our product. We are always ready to serve you with our quality services. It would be a great honour for us to have a chance to serve you in the near future. We will be glad to serve you.
Thanking you Nyo Nyo Khant ( Managing Director)


Wireless Nurse Calls System

Together ေမြ႔ယာကုန္ပစၥည္း

VIRUS KEEPER (က်န္းမာေရးေလစစ္အလႊာ filter)

commax wiring call system